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2015 AED Cost of Doing Business
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The 2015 Cost of Doing Business/Profit Opportunity Report (based on 2014 data) represents the most up-to-date comparative financial performance information not available anywhere else. Conducted every year, this study is designed to serve as an easy-to understand tool for dealers to evaluate their own company’s operating results. Pinpoint Strengths and Weaknesses – Improve Opportunities:

  • Comparison to evaluate operating ratios against the medians of other distributors
  • Balance sheet and income/expense statement performance
  • Distributor performance by sales volume
  • Employee performance measures
  • Sales mix of high performance dealers
  • Gross margins for new and used equipment, rentals, parts and service departments
  • Operating ratios, including debt to net worth
  • Year-by-year trend analysis

Who are the most successful firms in this rebounding market? Get the answers you need so you can zero in on your gross margin management or expense control now. Refund Policy: Within 30 days of delivery, physically shipped products may be returned for refund of purchase price. Requests for substitution cannot be honored.