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2022 AED Cross-Industry Compensation and Benefits Report
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Compensation serves as a pivotal tool for attracting and retaining employees within your organization. The Association of Equipment Distributors (AED) introduces its latest offering, the Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report, designed to furnish accurate and comprehensive compensation benchmarks specifically tailored for companies operating in the realm of wholesale trade and distribution. This report is distinguished by its cross-industry scope, encompassing a wide array of distribution specialties.

The primary objective of this report is to furnish reliable compensation-related benchmarks catering to companies engaged in wholesale trade and distribution. These benchmarks have been meticulously curated through data sourced from a diverse and extensive pool of over a thousand participating organizations, representing a spectrum of distribution specialties.

Key features of this report include:

1. **Comprehensive Compensation Insights:**
Offering valuable data pertaining to recruiting and retention strategies, health care cost trends, retirement benefits, vacation and paid time off (PTO) policies, holidays, sick and other leave policies, as well as prevalent sales practices. This compilation encompasses a broad range of compensation-related statistics for common job titles prevalent in the industry.

2. **Facilitated Comparative Analysis:**
Equipping readers with the ability to effortlessly compare compensation levels and benefit policies across various organizations. The report's structured presentation ensures ease of reference and quick access to critical comparative insights.

3. **Insightful Tables:**
Organized tables that present an array of significant findings for each pertinent grouping of similar companies. These findings encapsulate essential information, aiding in a comprehensive understanding of compensation trends within the industry.

The AED Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report emerges as a valuable resource, arming businesses in the wholesale trade and distribution sector with the knowledge and insights necessary to make informed decisions regarding compensation and benefits. By leveraging this report, organizations can align their compensation strategies to attract and retain top talent effectively.

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