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2023 AED Cost of Doing Business Report
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This report offers a comprehensive yet easily digestible analysis of the financial and operational attributes of over 100 AED dealership participants. Designed with a focus on the operations of the year 2022, this report is tailored to provide accessible guidelines for assessing profitability and identifying avenues for enhancing business performance within dealerships.

Key components of the report include:

1. **Analysis:**
An overview discussion summarizing the outcomes of the current year's analysis, providing essential insights into the dealership landscape.

2. **Executive Summary:**
A concise summary presenting crucial performance results, accompanied by graphical representations of significant ratios, enabling a quick grasp of key metrics.

3. **Detailed Results:**
An in-depth exploration encompassing analyses of return on investment, the income statement, the balance sheet, and an array of financial and productivity ratios, offering a granular understanding of dealership financial health.

4. **Sales Volume:**
A detailed analysis categorizing firms based on sales volume, shedding light on the varying dynamics within distinct sales segments.

5. **Line of Business:**
Results structured based on the concentration of sales within specific product categories, providing insights into the impact of product specialization on dealership performance.

6. **Regions:**
Analysis of firms within specified geographic areas delineated by the Association of Equipment Distributors (AED), allowing for a regional perspective on dealership performance.

7. **Trends:**
An examination of performance changes over time, analyzing key results and ratios to identify emerging trends and their implications.

8. **Ratio Calculation:**
A summary outlining the methodology and calculations employed to derive the key financial and productivity ratios presented in the report.

For stakeholders seeking a reliable means to gauge a dealership's performance relative to diverse industry segments, the AED Cost of Doing Business report stands as an invaluable tool. By offering a thorough analysis segmented by critical parameters, this report equips industry professionals with essential insights to make informed decisions and enhance dealership efficiency and profitability.

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