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AAEES supports the Student Member category to provide assistance to students who are interested in environmental engineering and science, to share information aimed at improving your understanding of the profession, and to foster your career aspirations. As a Student Member, you will have the opportunity to be involved with Academy professionals practicing in specialties at the frontiers of environmental engineering and science.


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  • Complimentary (digital) subscription to Environmental Engineer and Scientist
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  • Networking with Academy members through service on Academy committees and AAEES social media.


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The Student Member category is a first step in your life-long career in environmental engineering or environmental science. It is the Academy's sincerest desire that every student will aspire to undergo the process for obtaining Specialty Certification once they have reached the appropriate amount of training and experience. Student membership is extended a year post-graduation to assist you in your journey. Afterwards, you may apply to be an AAEES Member.


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We always love to hear what our student members have been up to! Send us your recent articles, news, studies, project photos, etc. We would be happy to share with the rest of the environmental engineering and science community via social media. Send an email to Marisa Waterman at


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The Academy applauds your commitment to the fields of environmental engineering and environmental science and looks forward to engaging you in our activities. For questions, email Marisa Waterman at

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