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Child Welfare Journal, Vol. 94, No. 4 (2015) - Special Issue: Substance Use (1st of 2 issues)
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Special Issue: Families in Child Welfare Affected by Substance Use (First of two issues)


‚ÄčIn This Issue:


How Many Families in Child Welfare Services Are Affected by Parental Substance Use Disorders? A Common Question that Remains Unanswered

Kristen Seay


Mental Health Disorders among Children within Child Welfare who have Prenatal Substance Exposure: Rural vs. Urban Populations

Ira J. Chasnoff, Erin Telford, Anne M.Wells and Lauren King


Co-Occurrence of Parental Substance Abuse and Child Serious Emotional Disturbance: Understanding Multiple Pathways to Improve Child and Family Outcomes

Becci A. Akin, Jody Brook and Margaret H. Lloyd


Practice-Informed Approaches to Addressing Substance Abuse and Trauma Exposure in Urban Native Families Involved with Child Welfare

Nancy M. Lucero and Marian Bussey


Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams in Rural Appalachia: Implementation and Outcomes

Martin T. Hall, Ruth A. Huebner, Jeanelle S. Sears, Lynn Posze, Tina Willauer and Janell Oliver


Effects of a Rural Family Drug Treatment Court Collaborative on Child Welfare Outcomes: Comparison Using Propensity Score Analysis

McLean D. Pollock and Sherri L. Green


Family-Based Recovery: An Innovative In-Home Substance Abuse Treatment Model for Families with Young Children

Karen E. Hanson, Dale H. Saul, Jeffrey J. Vanderploeg, Mary Painter and Jean Adnopoz


Rethinking Child Welfare to Keep Families Safe and Together: Effective Housing-Based Supports to Reduce Child Trauma, Maltreatment Recidivism, and Re-Entry to Foster Care

Marny Rivera and Rita Sullivan


New Approaches for Working with Children and Families Involved in Family Treatment Drug Courts: Findings from the Children Affected by Methamphetamine Program

Michael S. Rodi, Colleen M. Killian, Philip Breitenbucher, Nancy K. Young, Sharon Amatetti, Russ Bermejo and Erin Hall