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Everything is Normal Until Proven Otherwise
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Wraparound, or individualized services, is rooted in the principles of individualized, community-based, strengths-focused services. This unique book is a collection of stories told by Karl Dennis, the former director of the Chicago-area agency Kaleidoscope, based on his experiences with the youth and families he met at Kaleidoscope. Psychiatrist and federal bureaucrat Ira Lourie offers commentary and stories of his own that that illustrate the central tenets of Wraparound.

Table of Contents
  • Foreword, by Gary Blau • Foreword, by Patrick McCarthy
  • Acknowledgments and About this Book
  • Introduction by Dixie Jordan—Walking the Circle: The Changed Perceptions Required for Wraparound
  • Chapter 1: Tyrone and Carol—How We Started Doing this Strange Job
  • Chapter 2: Cindy—A Story About the Essence of Wraparound
  • Chapter 3: Alex and Shirley—A Story About Family Focus and Family Strengths
  • Chapter 4: Brenda—A Story About Individual Strengths and Strengths-Based Approaches
  • Chapter 5: Samuel and Ramon—Stories About Creativity, Flexibility, and Individualized Approaches
  • Chapter 6: Larry and Marcus—Stories About Unconditional Care
  • Chapter 7: Desmond and Tori—Stories About Community-Based Care
  • Chapter 8: Thomas, Robert, and Karl’s Friends and Relatives—Stories About Cultural Competence and Celebrating Cultural Diversity
  • Chapter 9: Andrew and George—Stories About Meeting Clients’ Needs Through Child and Family Teams
  • Chapter 10: Unnatural Acts—Stories About Interagency Collaboration
  • Chapter 11: Never Pay for Anything You Can Get for Free—Stories About Cost-Effective Services and Outcome Measurement
  • Chapter 12: Everything Is Normal Until Proven Otherwise—A Story About One Person’s Introduction to Wraparound
  • Chapter 13: The First Family I Provided Care To—Stories About Karl’s Philosophy and the Evolution of Wraparound
  • Epilogue
  • References
  • About the Authors