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Using Maturity Testing for Airfield Concrete Pavement Repair (JP011|PRINTED)
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Concrete maturity empowers the field engineer and the contractor to make critical decisions based on the actual in-place strength of the pavement using real-time measurements that take into account the physical properties, dimensions, and curing conditions of the pavement structure.

The maturity method is typically implemented as a four-step process.

  1. An initial laboratory “calibration” to establish the unique strength-maturity relationship of each mix design,
  2. Daily mix verification (which also serves as a robust quality control tool),
  3. Anytime, real-time field measurements of actual in-place flexural strength, and
  4. Monthly validation of the strength-maturity relationship (and subsequent “recalibration” whenever significant mix changes occur).

In addition to demonstrating the benefits of concrete maturity for use on airfield projects, this handbook provides:

  • A brief history and overview of concrete maturity methods,
  • Guidelines to help specification writers and contractors choose maturity methods and techniques for a project,
  • Protocols and process flowcharts to guide new users through each step of implementation,
  • Informative discussion and practical suggestions to help field personnel understand and reduce or eliminate potential sources of error associated with concrete maturity methods,
  • An example case study project to clearly demonstrate the “how-to” aspects of maturity, and
  • A sample guide specification to facilitate swift, yet thorough adoption of concrete maturity testing into concrete pavement contracts.

This document is the final product of IPRF research project #IPRF-01-G-002-03-6.

Product Code:    JP011P
Format:               Printed Research Report
Copyright:           2006
Pages:                  132

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