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Child Welfare Journal, Vol. 94, No. 5 (2015) - Special Issue: Substance Use (2nd of 2 issues)
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Special Issue: Families in Child Welfare Affected by Substance Use (Second of two issues)


In This Issue:


Promising Results for Cross-Systems Collaborative Efforts to Meet the Needs of Families Impacted by

Substance Use Kimberly Dennis, Michael S. Rodi, Gregory Robinson, Kenneth DeCerchio, Nancy K. Young, Sidney L. Gardner, Elaine Stedt and Marianna Corona


Predictors of Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment Completion for Parents Involved with Child Welfare: Child Welfare: One State’s Experience in Matching across Systems

Dorian E. Traube, Amy S. He, Limei Zhu, Christine Scalise and Tyrone Richardson


Examining the Relationships between Family Drug Court Program Compliance and Child Welfare Outcomes

Holly Child and Dara McIntyre


Changes in Adult, Child, and Family Functioning among Participants in a Family Treatment Drug Court

Merith Cosden and Lauren M. Koch


Making It Work Without a Family Drug Court: Connecticut’s Approach to Parental Substance Abuse in the Child Welfare System

Jane Ungemack, Marilou Giovannucci, Samuel Moy, Karen Ohrenberger, Thomas DeMatteo and Staceyann Smith


Peer Mentoring in Child Welfare: A Motivational Framework

Anna Rockhill, Carrie J. Furrer and Thuan M. Duong


Enhancing Family Protective Factors in Residential Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Joan E. Zweben, Yael Moses, Judith B. Cohen, Genny Price, William Chapman and Joanna Lamb


An Integrated Intervention to Address the Comorbid Needs of Families Referred to Child Welfare for

Substance Use Disorders and Child Neglect: FAIR Pilot Outcomes

Lisa Saldana


Effects of Intensive Family Preservation Services in Rural Tennessee on Parental Hopefulness with Families Affected by Substance Use

Edwina Chappell, Kathryn Sielbeck-Mathes, Randall Reiserer, Hannah Wohltjen, Wendy Shuran and Elizabeth McInerney