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Reinforced Concrete Fire Resistance
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Reference Book
256 pp.; First Edition

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Typical Building Code Requirements for Fire Resistance Ratings
  • Fire Endurance Determined by Heat Transmission Requirements of ASTM E119
  • Introduction to Analytical Methods
  • Properties of Steel and Concrete at High Temperatures
  • Temperatures Within Reinforced Concrete Members During Fire Tests
  • Preview of, and Directions for Using the Analytical Procedures in Chapters 8 and 9
  • Structural Behavior and Analysis of Continuous One-Way Slabs and Beams (Unrestrained)
  • Fire Endurance of Floor Systems Based on Restraint to Thermal Expansion
  • Fire Endurance of Reinforced Concrete Columns and Walls
  • Special Considerations: "Poke-Thru" Devices and Underfloor Ducts
  • Fire-Damaged Structures
  • Description of Standard Fire Tests, and Fire Tests of Reinforced Concrete Assemblies
  • Appendix A - Notes on Fire Tests of Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members
  • Appendix B - Notation
  • Appendix C - Glossary of Terms
  • Appendix D - References

A must for structural engineers, architects, mun­icipal and state building departments, and building code personnel. Analytical methods for prediction of structural fire ratings of buildings in fires, cast-in-place restraints. Practical step-by-step examples from start of fire to structural fire rating. Full description of 71 fire tests of reinforced concrete flexural members.

Product code: 10-FIRE


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