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Examining Racial Disproportionality through Research: A Handbook for Social Work Education
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The child welfare field recognizes that youth of some racial and ethnic backgrounds are overrepresented in the system. African American and American Indian children, for example, are overrepresented in out-of-home care compared to their representation in the general population, while Hispanic overrepresentation can be variable. Why does this happen? What are the consequences? How can it be prevented? What is the role of research in understanding disproportionality?


This handbook is designed to assist faculty, practitioners and students in learning about existing research and empirical approaches — the first step in addressing racial disproportionality.  Specifically, it focuses on the following competencies:

  • engaging diversity and difference
  • understanding oppression and discrimination
  • advancing critical thinking and ethical practice
  • advocating for human rights
  • engaging in practice informed research and research informed practice
  • addressing social and economic justice


Ruth G. McRoy and Kathleen Belanger, Editors

ISBN: 978-1-58760-154-5

ITEM #: 1545