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January 2019 On-Demand Webinar & Knowledge Check
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You can earn continuing education credit by watching the recorded webinar and completing the knowledge check. For any questions, please email You must purchase this item to receive instructions on accessing the recording and knowledge check.

Return to Learn/Concussion Team Model

Presented by Jill Huck, school counselor for Genoa Middle School in Westerville, Ohio.

This webinar will provide the K-12 setting information on the effects a concussion can have on the brain’s ability to function at normal capacity and how this may cause potential problems for students in the school environment. Information will assist teachers, nurses, school counselors, and administrators with designing and implementing a “Return-to-Learn” concussion team model that can be used when academically accommodating a student in the school and classroom environment after suffering a TBI/concussion.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the brain’s ability to function during a concussion and the impact on a students ability to learn.
  • Understand the “Return to School” framework in order to assist students that have suffered a concussion.
  • Identify symptom-specific accommodations that can be provided in schools and in the classroom environment.
  • Create an effective communication plan to manage concussed students in the school setting.