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Music Therapy and Geriatric Populations
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Merchandise Description
Music Therapy and Geriatric Populations: A Handbook for Practicing Music Therapists and Healthcare Professionals: With the rapid growth of the aging population, an increasing number of persons are diagnosed each year with age-related disorders. The use of music can do much to enhance the plan of care for aging adults. The clinical and musical expertise of a board-certified music therapist is always preferable. There are times, however, when a music therapist is not available and healthcare workers may find music interventions useful for clients—especially those who may be experiencing pain or stress. The primary purpose of this handbook is to educate music therapists and healthcare professionals about the uses and evidence-based benefits of music therapy practices with older adults—those in hospice care, with Alzheimer’s disease, in health and wellness programs, and in intergenerational programs. For each of the adult populations, the handbook includes chapters on practical introductory information, reviews of related music therapy research, and clinical applications of evidence-based music therapy practice. The applications are hierarchically ordered for healthcare providers and board-certified music therapists who have advanced skills in music and working with older adults. With these research-based applications, music can become an integral part of the comprehensive care plan for adult clients. Written by Melita Belgrave, Alice-Ann Darrow, Darcy Walworth, and Natalie Wlodarczyk. ISBN #978-1-884914-28-7. Publication date: 2011

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