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Proceedings of the First International Congress on Petroleum Contaminated Soils, Sediments, and Wate
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Proceedings of the First International Congress, held at Imperial College in London, England,

August 14-17, 2001


Edited by Paul Kostecki, Manaf Behbehani, and Cynthia Langlois
2004, 320 pp., ISBN 1-884940-31-5



Section 1: Remediation

Remediation of Oil Contaminated Sludge and Soil in Kuwait--1
Al-Awadhi N, Al-Daher R, and Balba MT

The Use of Mn(IV) as Alternatve Electron Acceptor for Aromatic Compunds Degredation--25
Villatoro-Monzon WR, Puig-Grajales L, and Razo-Flores E

Microorganisms for Bioremediation of Oil Contaminated Sites--35
Boronin A, Filonov AE, Kosheleva IA, Shkidchenko AN, Puntus IF, and Arinbasarov MU

Development and Demonstration of Subsurface Biobarriers Using Starved Bacterial Cultures--45
Sharp R, Cunningham A, Hiebert R, and James G

Asphalt Concrete Road Made From Oil-Contaminated Soil--63
Mutairi NM, Abduljaleel AM, Eid WK, and Rahman S

Laboratory Simulation of Clean-up of Oil Spills on Sandy Beach by Land Farming and Bioaugmentation Technique--83
Yang L and Pan CT

Organic Treatment of Beach Sands Affected by the T/B Nissos Amorgos Oil Spill--93
Leon N, Infante C, Sanchez L, Sanchez G, Salcedo M, Alarcon C, Villalobos R, Martinez H and Vilchez R

Section 2: Advanced Oxidative Processes

Remediation of a Petroleum-Impacted Site Using In Situ Ozonation--107
Hoffman J

Section 3: Environmental Fate and Monitoring

Vertical Migration of Hydrocarbons in the Vadose Zone: Field Estimation of Characteristic Times--119
Molino B, Albego G, Biscione A and Pannone M

Section 4:Environmental Impact

Oil Trenches: A continuing Threat to the Terrestrial Environment of Kuwait--133
Misak R, Omar SAS and Shahid SA

Ecological Impact of War on the Arid Enviornment of Kuwait and Land Rehabilitation--151
Omar S, Al-Awadhi N, Misak R and Asem A

Petroleum Contaminated Soil in Umm Al-Aish Area, Kuwait--173
Al-Obaid E

Hydrocarbon in Groundwater Samples of Araucaria Ecosystem Following Crude Oil Spill--181
Meniconi MdFG, Gabardo IT, Kreush ACH, and daSilva CEF

Petroleum Contamination of Pleistocene Sediment on the Romanian Black Sea Coast, Southeast of Constantza--193
Ungureanu VG, Dinu I, Jipa D, Stanica A and Popeascu R

Section 5: Sediments

Continued Treatment of Oily Sludge at Columbian Refineries--205
Echeverria V, Monsalve G and Vidales H

Toxicological Characterization of Marine Sediment Receiving Industrial Effluents--217
Beg MU, Al-Muzaini S, Saeed T, Jacob PG, Beg KR, Al-Bahloul M, Al-Obaid T, Al-Matrouk K and Kurian A

Effects of Different Types of Petroleum Contaminated Soils on Fresh Groundwater in Northern Kuwait--229
Al-Fahad K and Al-Senafy M

Section 6: Risk Based Corrective Action

Risk Based Corrective Action of Hydrocarbon Contamination at a Former Major Urban Petroleum Storage Site--237
Clay J and Harris M

Section 7: Site Assessment

A Classification of Polluted Soils in Kuwait Based on Laser Induces Fluorescence and Diffuse Reflectance Measurements--253
Alemeddine O, Quinn MF, Al-Rasheedi M, Qabazard AM, and Ismail AJ

Laser Induced Fluorescence and Diffuse Reflectance Measurements: An oil Polluted Soil Survey Application in Kuwait--263
Quinn MF, Grealish G, Alemeddine O, Qabazard AM, Rashidi M and Ismail AJ

Types and Extent of Soil Contamination in Greater Al-Burquan Oil Field, Kuwait--273
Grealish G and Omar S

Section 8: Marine Spills

Pattern Recognition-Based Software for Oil Spills Identification by Gas-Chromatography and IR Spectrophotometry--281
Staniloae D and Petrescu B

Section 9: Ecological Risk Assessment

Case Study of a Remediation Project Using Risk Assessment Techniques and a Novel Remediation Technology--291
Zimmerman P

Section 10: Regulatory

Understanding Institutional Conflicts to Regulate the Environmental Impacts in the Brazilian Oil Industry--305
Puppim De Oliveira JA, Huet de Barcellar G, Pierre FT, Berardinelli RP, and Medeiros DS

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