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Principles and Practices for Diesel Contaminated Soils, Volume 2, 1701-9768
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Edited by Paul T. Kostecki, Edward J. Calabrese and Christopher P.L. Barkan
1993, 137 pp., ISSN: 1701-9768

This volume is part of a 6-volume series (volumes 2-7) containing the Proceedings from the annual Symposium on Remediation of Diesel Fuel Contaminated Soils, sponsored by the Association for the American Railroads Research and Test Department. The topics covered have broad applicability. Articles are based on presentations at the symposia, and go well beyond railroad sites and issues. The series brings into focus issues relating to the remediation of diesel contaminated soils, with an emphasis on bioremediation. The six volumes span the nineties, tracing the rapid and significant developments in the field that have occurred in response to regulatory changes regarding underground storage tanks and the protection of groundwater.


Volume 2 emphasizes the results of various approaches to on-site biological treatment and issues affecting treatability, using on-site techniques as well as accurate analysis of diesel products. This book serves as a useful source of technical information, as well as a guidance document for: railroads, municipal, county, state, and federal regulatory personnel; scientific researchers; industry executives, engineers, and staff with environmental responsibilities; environmental attorneys; and environmental consultants.



Bioremediation of Diesel Fuel Contaminated Soil Using an On Site Treatment Cell in Anchorage, Alaska (P. Athey and S. Wrenn)

Update on Iron Horse Park: The First Superfund Bioremediation Mandated by EPA Region 1 (R.S. Baker, J.T. Wiseman, E.L. Butler, D.R. Hopper and V.V. Mudholkar)

Increased Biodegradation Rates of Diesel Fuel in Soil Using Controlled-Release Nutrients (J. Cunningham)

The Environmental Impact of Lubricating Railroad Rails (E.H. Hockensmith, J.E. Waggener and C.P.L. Barkan)

Diesel Contaminated Soils Bioremediation Treatability in Various Soils (J. Lynch, H. Anderson, D. Seep and B. Haikola)

Treatment Cell Method for the Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil (K.S. Murray and D.C. Clark)

Analysis of Diesel Range Organics (G. Walters, M. Hoffman and J. Parr)

Field Comparison of Static and Windrow Composting Techniques for Diesel Contaminated Soils (A.D. Wong, R.K. Balderson and R. Rosendorn).