Welcome to the AMAC Portal

All AMAC membership level information and the AMAC Membership Application Guide are located at www.amac-org.com/membership.

Keeping your profile information current will ensure AMAC has the most accurate information. We do not sell or distribute your contact information to third parties for solicitation purposes and we encourage AMAC members to respect the privacy of the membership by not sharing any contact information to third parties/non-members for solicitation purposes.

Don’t forget to support students interested in aviation-related careers through your donation to the AMAC Foundation! Your support directly benefits students interested in aviation-related careers through scholarships.

Renew your membership today by processing your open order in the "My Transactions" tab located in the drop down menu of "My Profile." If paying by check/ACH, you may print your open order/invoice. ​

 AMAC is changing the way we collect payments to make it simple, efficient and likely align with the way you process other vendor payments. Our new preferred method of payment is ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments instead of receiving payments via a live check.  This change will benefit both of us since ACH saves time, is secure and easy to track. 

Please provide your companies specific instructions on setting up ACH or your preferred EFT along with the accounts payable point of contact to submit the required documents to info@amac-org.com.