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Workshop 3: Leveraging Big Data...
(Event: 2019 SNRS Annual Conference)

Feb 27, 2019 8:00am - Feb 27, 2019 11:00am
Session Type: PCW


Leveraging Big Data to Improve the Quality and Safety of Patient Care

Within the past 15 years, the use of secondary data, or existing data has become more accessible to clinicians, managers, and researchers. Yet, nurse researchers whether due to a lack of methodological training or preference for primary data collection, have been surprisingly slow to utilize these useful resources. In this 3-hour workshop, we describe fundamental concepts and skills needed to conduct research studies using secondary data to improve the quality and safety of patient care.  We also provide a brief description of datasets and online resources for doctoral nursing students and investigators, with interest but limited prior experience, in secondary data analysis.  Several real-world case examples of analyzing secondary data in nursing and healthcare research will be presented, each illustrating key steps: (1) define a research question; (2) select an appropriate dataset; (3) build your analysis; and (4) present findings in a way that that informs healthcare policy and/or clinical practice.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop.  However, it is best suited for participants who:

1. Have graduate-level statistics and research design
2. Are currently managing or planning to manage large secondary data projects

Learning objectives/participants will:

1. Learn fundamental concepts of secondary data analysis
2. Evaluate exemplars of secondary data sources for nursing and public health research
Discuss advantages/disadvantages of secondary data analysis
4. Learn how to identify interdisciplinary professionals needed to build effective research teams within healthcare and/or academic organizations

Michael P. Cary, Jr., PhD, RN
Associate Professor of Nursing
Duke University 

Nancy Crego, PhD, RN, CCRN, CHSE
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Duke University 

Victoria M. Goode, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Duke University 

Emily Hauenstein, PhD, LCP, MSN, FAAN
Professor and Unidel Katherine L. Esterly Chair in Health Sciences
University of Delaware 

Elizabeth I. Merwin, PhD, RN, FAAN
Ann Henshaw Gardiner Professor of Nursing
Executive Vice Dean of the School of Nursing
Duke University 

Deirdre K. Thornlow, PhD, RN, CPHQ
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Duke University



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