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Request for Proposals

The following Request for Proposals (RFP) have been received by the IAFE office. Please take a moment to read through the information to see if one is right for your fair!

If you have an RFP and would like to list it here (or would like to remove a listing), please e-mail .


Food and Beverage Concession Services at the Oregon State Expo Center (Salem, Ore.)

Oregon State Fair is seeking a contractor to provide food and beverages, including beer, wine and distilled spirits, for sale to the public at OSFEC at events held during the Expo Season. All concession services shall be performed in the highest professional manner, and in accordance with the current industry standards. Unless the means or methods of performing a task are specified elsewhere in this contract, Contractor shall employ methods that are generally accepted and used by the industry.

For more information on this RFP, please visit this page.

Board of Director Consulting Services at OC Fair & Event Center (Costa Mesa, Calif.)

The Board of Directors of the 32nd District Agricultural Association is releasing this RFP with the intent to award a contract for the purpose of obtaining Board of Directors Governance Consulting Services in accordance with the specifications/Scope of work listed in this RFP and as directed by the District, from July 15, 2019 through December 2020, with three (3) 1-year options to renew. The agreement options are to be exercised independently and at the sole discretion of the District. Certification of satisfactory contract performance is required. Extensions may involve renegotiation of certain areas.

For more information on this RFP, please visit this page.