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Interested in joining? Please take a moment to check out the benefits of IAFE membership and the types of membership available by clicking the links above. To apply for IAFE membership online, click the link below, or click on the appropriate link to download a membership application form, complete it, then mail it to the address listed on the form:

No refunds for membership dues are given. To request an application for a state and provincial association membership, e-mail .

If you are a new member, please click the below link for a summary of how to get started using your new IAFE benefits and resources:

Member Testimonials - Why Join the IAFE?

The IAFE can help your fair in the legal arena: "In the past five years plus years, I have had the opportunity to work with the IAFE staff on many occasions and a variety of different items.

Most recently, our Fair started getting calls and email from organizations such as ASCAP/BMI/SESAC stating that they have not received a response to their offer of a license which will allow our organization to continue performing the millions of copyrighted works in their repertory. After telling them that under Public Law non-profit fairs are exempt from the payment of royalties on music she was still unsure so I contacted Jim Tucker at the IAFE Office and the problem was solved. I have not heard back from any of these associations since.

The IAFE is always there for all of its members regardless of size and needs. The IAFE website is a tremendous wealth of knowledge that is always kept up to date with the latest and greatest information.

The IAFE is what their slogan says – "The Network" – Keeping Fairs of all sizes connected."

Bryan K. Schulz, CFE, General Manager, Red River Valley Fair, Fair Member

The IAFE can provide national and international exposure to your business: "Being a member of IAFE has dramatically increased our band's business and exposure not only to a national audience but to the international community as well.

I have been an IAFE member since October 1994 and can tell you that membership is worth every penny. Case in point, several years ago, I attended the IAFE national convention in Las Vegas. I spent three days networking, handing out business cards, and meeting great folks. By the end of the convention, I had an offer to play at an international music festival in Shanghai China! Three years ago the Circle City Sidewalk Stompers had the honor of being one of the convention's featured main stage performers. From that exposure in addition to being a vendor, we secured three additional out of state gigs. This year alone, you'll find us as the Indiana Pacers Pep Band and in close to 300 shows at other fairs, festivals, and corporate events. We're also working on festival requests that will take us back to several different countries in Europe.

On behalf of the entire Circle City Sidewalk Stompers Clown Band, I thank the IAFE for your many years of support and assistance."

Steve Sutherlin, Founder and President of the Circle City Sidewalk Stompers, Associate Member

The IAFE's directory will bring business to you: "Oh my goodness, yes IAFE has helped me and my business. Of course, having a trade show booth is beneficial, but IAFE's benefits go so much further. The directory is the best! I have had fairs call me as a result of being listed, and I have received bookings.

And, there are fairs that may have "forgotten" about me and my attractions that when they see me their memory is jogged and I am asked for a quote. Of course, just seeing friends from the fairs all over North America is wonderful! A side benefit, is as I grow my business, having difficult issues I know nothing about, I will call those managers/entertainment directors that I have forged a friendship with and asked for their advice and help, with much success."

Pam Shultz, Wild Science, Associate Member

The IAFE brings valuable ideas and resources to your fair: "IAFE membership allows us to utilize resources from other fairs and facilities saving us time and effort. Additionally we find value in the information distributed in the Fairs and Expos magazine. From new ideas to great new tips on old ideas, we find money saving and money making opportunities each month. Our membership brings us many great ideas."

Jeannine Domeyer, Delaware County Fair, Fair Member

The IAFE can help grow your business no matter the budget: "We have been proud members of IAFE for several years. As providers to the industry, IAFE gives us the most bang for buck in reaching fairs. The convention each fall is not only a great way to meet with fairs from around the country (and world!), but it's a lot of fun too! If you have limited resources, I highly recommend spending it with IAFE. You'll not only get introduced to some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, but you'll probably get lots of business as well!"

Kendra Wright, Saffire Events, Associate Member

The IAFE provides industry networking: "IAFE Rocks!! If you are not a member you are missing out on some of the BEST networking, education and friendships you could ever ask for, for yourself and your fair."

Brianne Brower, Sublette County Fairgrounds, Fair Member