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Committees Leadership
A list of our committees is presented below:

  • Safety
    The Safety Committee is a new standing committee initiated for the development of risk management tools and educational information to the members of the CFA. Information generated by the insurance program for CFA members developed by A.J. Gallagher will be processed and made available at Conventions, in flyers and other forms with this committee as the primary review group.
  • Board of Directors
  • CFA Marketing Committee
    This committee oversees the development and management of all marketing and promotional efforts for the industry affected by the Concrete Foundations Association. It is also responsible for overseeing the efforts to market and promote within the Association for events, membership and other opportunities.
  • CFA Membership Committee
    The CFA Committee created to develop strategies for attracting and retaining professional companies in the concrete industry to the the Association. This committee performs regular reviews of the active member benefits as well as works with staff for decisions on improving or modifying these benefits and processes.
  • Concrete Homes Council
  • Meetings & Education Committee
    The CFA Meetings and Education Committee is responsible for managing the events hosted by the CFA and the educational content at these events. The primary focus of the committee is on the Annual Convention held each Summer as well as the style and location of the Winter Meeting Social.
  • National Associates Council
    Council established by the CFA Board of Directors in the 1990s with 5 to 6 persons. In 2004 this was formalized to six persons with pairs of staggered, 3-year terms. Effective January 2011, this Council was expanded to a representative from every active National Associate member. The Council has a Chair and a Vice Chair for management and elects two persons to the CFA Board of Directors. Monthly conference calls consist of the bulk of the commitment for participants with a physical annual meeting held during the CFA Annual Summer Convention.
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