CHEN Listserv

Since 2006, ASHA has hosted the Comprehensive Health Education Network (CHEN) listserv, a free service that allows subscribers to broadcast and receive information relevant to their work in various health fields.

Subscribe to CHEN by clicking this link. Enter CHEN-L as the subject and "I want to subscribe to the CHEN listserv" in the email.

Some the topics CHEN subscribers most appreciate posting or receiving are:

  • Research Findings and News
  • Webinar and Teleconference Invitations
  • Advocacy Alerts and Updates
  • News from the CDC and Other Federal Programs
  • News About School Health Initiatives from National Organizations, States and Territories
  • New Publications, Resources and Tools
  • School Health Meetings and Conferences
  • Funding Announcements
  • New or Updated Federal Policies
  • Child and Adolescent Health Demographics

Subscribers to the CHEN listserv typically use the information they receive to:

  • Inform colleagues, work teams, advisory groups or committees
  • Request and find technical assistance for their job or organization
  • Boost their professional development or class work
  • Share with another listserv or group