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Life Membership

Life Membership

USAWOA has a Life Member Program that was established shortly after our founding in 1972. Throughout the years Life Members have been sustaining members of our Association. In many cases they have also been the strong dedicated leaders at the chapter, region, and national levels. This tradition of Life Member commitment and service continues today. The dues for USAWOA Life Membership are graduated based on the age of the member when he or she applies for life membership.




Age 30 & under      $1000.00 Age 51 - 55           $570.00
Age 31 - 35            $960.00 Age 56 - 60           $485.00
Age 36 - 40            $860.00 Age 61 - 65           $400.00
Age 41 - 45            $765.00 Age 66 & over       $325.00
Age 46 - 50            $665.00  


Applicants may make one single payment by check, PayPal, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or can opt to make payments 10 or less equal installments. During the payment period, the regular membership is continued. The member remains in good standing, eligible for all services including receipt of a hardcopy of the NEWSLINER. Upon completion of the payment period, your Life Member number is assigned and a special Life Member certificate and distinctive permanent membership card is provided.


To purchase a Life Membership with one single payment in full by credit card or PayPalclick Life Membership to apply in the Portal Online Store. There are nine (9) age groups available in the dropdown menu. If you are a current member, please log-in before purchasing your Life Membership.






To purchase a Life Membership in full by check or to start life membership payments, click here to print out the "Life Membership Manual Form".  You may select 1 payment in full or 2 to 10 monthly payments which are processed the beginning of each month.  Please indicate your preference on the form and provide a credit card # for monthly payment processing.  The Life Membership manual form can be securely faxed to 703-742-7728.


The USAWOA leadership and staff thank you for your interest in Life Membership in our fine association. Choice of Life Membership represents a commitment. You choose to affiliate with USAWOA for the long term, and our Association commits to provide you a lifetime of Representation, Professionalism and Recognition.