UMA Leadership

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  • Board of Directors
  • Finance Committee
    Duties of the Finance Committee shall be to review, on a continuing basis, the financial structure, affairs and needs of the Association and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors as may be necessary for adequate financing of the administration of the Association's business. The Finance Committee will, as well, recommend any and all necessary budgetary controls.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Committee
    When it becomes obvious that an issue must be addressed either legislatively or through the rulemaking process, the matter is brought before UMA's Legislative and Regulatory Committee. The committee determines the priority level the issue is given and what action is warranted based on its perceived effect to the industry. With the advice and counsel of the government affairs staff, the committee examines various action plans and decides on the approach that is most likely to lead to a successful outcome. The committee then refers the proposal to UMA's full Board of Directors for ratification. This committee is one of UMA’s most active and communicates regularly. Besides monitoring state legislative and regulatory activities, the committee members spend much personal time to help UMA achieve its public policy objectives.
  • Marketing Committee
    The UMA Marketing Committee was set up to provide input and guidance on all marketing, public relations, and image/awareness projects for both UMA and the motorcoach industry, and other industry public relations and marketing efforts. The committee is involved in projects designed to increase awareness of UMA and the association’s programs and services.
  • Meetings Committee
    The Meetings Committee is involved in all UMA meetings, as well as the UMA EXPO. The committee provides input in site selections, logistics and educational content for EXPO, as well as any other seminars and training programs sponsored by UMA.
  • Membership & Bylaws Committee
    The Membership and Bylaws Committee is charged with matters involving membership (benefit programs, recruitment and retention, and recognition) and the maintenance of the Association's Bylaws – enforcing when necessary and changing when required.
  • Risk Management Committee
    The function of the Risk Management committee is to help association members identify, address and manage the issues of risk in their individual businesses through industry-wide and national resources. The committee develops programs to assist members in improving their business practices to lower/remove certain motorcoach transportation risks factors.
  • Technology Committee
    The Technology Committee stays abreast of the latest industry technologies and recommends how to keep the membership informed on new technology.
  • UMA Staff