Tools to support evidence-based and stakeholder-informed decision-making: fuzzy cognitive mapping

Mar 23, 2023 09:00am -
Mar 23, 2023 12:30pm


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Event Type: Education
Category: Educational Seminar

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This course presents innovative approaches to engaging patients and other stakeholders around issues that are important to them, particularly those historically excluded from planning and decision-making. Building from an introduction to fuzzy cognitive maps as tools to support meaningful stakeholder engagement, this course will demonstrate how these approaches advance evidence-based and community-informed decision-making.

Each workshop objective will begin by sharing relevant theoretical and methodological foundations, followed by practice examples from our experience applying these methods in over 11 countries and 19 projects.

Learning Objectives:
1) Introducing the theory and practice of fuzzy cognitive maps
Participants will learn how to represent patient and stakeholder knowledge as fuzzy cognitive maps; they will work in small groups to generate their own fuzzy cognitive maps
2) Analyzing fuzzy cognitive maps
Participants will be guided through analytical approaches to identify interdependencies within maps, comparing and combining between stakeholders, with examples of how findings can contribute to common research processes (e.g., protocol and instrument development, priority setting, theories of change, impact assessment)
3) Contextualizing evidence in patient and stakeholder perspectives
Participants will learn several approaches to contextualize different forms of evidence in stakeholder perspectives and discuss implications for evidence-based decision-making
4) Moving towards patient and community-centered decision making:
Participants will learn how the use of fuzzy cognitive maps has contributed to evidence-informed and community-led decision making, based on examples from the field

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