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Upcoming CyberSeminar Events

To register for a CyberSeminar as an IAFE member, you MUST be logged into the IAFE site. Your username is your e-mail address we have on file; if you have forgotten your password, you can select "Forgot your Password?" under the password input area on the login page. Please call the IAFE office if you have questions, at 800.516.0313.

CyberSeminar SeriesThe IAFE CyberSeminars are webinars – interactive presentations viewed on the Internet while simultaneously listening in on a conference phone call or your computer's VoIP.

Technology makes it convenient for members to log-on to the Internet and dial in to a conference call from the convenience of their office or home. A high-speed Internet connection is recommended to view the seminars.

Registration is by site, so members are encouraged to gather additional staff, volunteers, or board members around the computer and phone to join in for this learning experience.

Each CyberSeminar lasts approximately 60 minutes. Registration involves logging onto the IAFE secure site for payment of fees by credit card. You will be sent a confirming e-mail message, followed by a notification asking you to complete a secondary registration to receive meeting details. It is critical that this step be completed. You will receive a final confirmation e-mail which contains the log-on information, dial-in phone number (toll charges apply) and pass codes to use. We urge you to log on at least five minutes to the start time in order to insure you can access the website and view the presentation screen.

Past CyberSeminar Events

Please contact if you have an idea for a CyberSeminar topic.

Check back often to find the updated CyberSeminar schedule. All members will be notified by the Network Newsletter (e-mail) when CyberSeminars are scheduled.