What is HMMC?
The Healthcare Manufacturers Management Council is an association of senior-level sales and marketing executives from small, medium and large companies that manufacture products for sale to the entire spectrum of healthcare. HMMC is a member-managed organization that brings together sales and marketing executives to enhance their knowledge and skills, and consequently, be the best in their markets. Each of our members has national sales or marketing responsibilities in his or her company, and is keenly interested in staying abreast of current thinking, significant challenges, and opportunities facing our industry today and tomorrow.

How do I become a member?
Eligible HMMC members must have national marketing or sales responsibilities within his/her company, division or subsidiary, be able to contribute meaningfully to the HMMC membership, and conduct themselves for the good of the industry and HMMC. Memberships are given to companies and individuals. Company or subsidiary members may appoint individual members as long as they meet the membership eligibility criteria. Companies or subsidiaries with more than one national marketing job will be allowed to have more than one member but not more than three. Corporations will be limited to a total of five members unless the HMMC Board of Governors grants an exception. Click here for membership application.

What’s in it for me?
Learn. Network. Succeed. These are the essential reasons for belonging to the Healthcare Manufacturers Management Council, the premier organization for high-level sales and marketing executives. HMMC members are among the best and brightest in their field, and possess not only a strong desire to continuously improve their professional skills, but a generous willingness to share their knowledge and experience with peers. In addition to two major education conferences per year, an HMMC membership gives you numerous rare opportunities to develop and foster important one-on-one relationships. Conferences also provide invaluable networking opportunities. Finally, HMMC membership gives you the power to succeed in business because you are empowered with the knowledge and skills gained by the close associations you forge.

What kinds of educational benefits does HMMC offer?
HMMC is well respected in the industry for its broad-based educational programming offered twice a year at annual spring and fall conferences. Held in varied locations in America, HMMC’s conferences provide a fun, relaxing yet secluded opportunity for HMMC members to gather, network and learn — from each other, some of the brightest people in the industry — and from CEOs of major corporations inside and outside healthcare, plus thought leaders, legal experts, award-winning authors and speakers.In addition to the valuable industry insights they provide, HMMC conferences also service as ongoing training programs for sales and marketing staff. Conference participants learn about countless important issues.

Can I bring a spouse or a guest to conferences?
Yes. They are responsible for an additional moderate conference registration fee, as well as their own travel and hotel accommodations.