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Electricity>Power Generation and Marketing Subcommittee

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Scope: The Power Generation and Marketing (“PG&M”) Subcommittee focuses on the statutes, regulatory activity, and judicial decisions most relevant to the generation of electric power and the trading of the physical commodities and financial products relevant to electricity markets. The PG&M Subcommittee primarily covers developments that specifically concern power marketing, generator operations, and the participation of generation assets in electricity markets. Developments that are broadly applicable to the electricity markets, e.g., wholesale market rules that impact generation assets without specifically targeting those assets, are covered by the Electricity Committee, not the PG&M Subcommittee. The PG&M Subcommittee does not focus on any specific generation resource, technology, trading product, or market mechanism to the exclusion of others. For instance, the PG&M Subcommittee does not cover developments that concern only renewable energy generators, as those developments are more appropriately covered by the Renewable Energy Subcommittee.

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