Membership is open to:

(i) an institution if such institution employs a credit or risk management function to support its capital markets activities (“member firm”); and (ii) one or more credit analysts or risk analysts sponsored by an institution as the institution’s representatives to the Society, provided the institution is in good standing with the Society.  A credit analyst means an individual who collects and evaluates financial data for the purpose of rendering credit decisions on capital markets-related transactions or an individual who manages or supports these functions.  A risk analyst means a professional in the area of financial risk management or any other related field as long as the individual is sponsored by a member firm's voting delegate.

Voting Membership:

Each member firm shall appoint one Credit or Risk Analyst affiliated with such institution as its voting delegate ("voting member"). Such voting member shall be entitled to vote on behalf of such member firm and sign off on non-voting membership applications being sent in from that firm. $350 per year Voting Membership

Non-Voting Membership:

All other members within a firm who have a voting member fall under the non-voting membership category. $65 per year Non-Voting Membership

Independent Non-Voting Membership

An "Independent Non-Voting Membership" status provides for fair and uniform Board approvals of independent applicants, not affiliated with a member institution. Candidates who can join under this category, either are self-employed, work for organizations that are not open to CMCAS membership or are currently unemployed but seek to return to work at a member institution. $90 per year Independent Non-Voting Membership

Please note: When there are additional applicants within the same firm or institution following the acceptance of an Independent Non-Voting Member, the institution will be reviewed by the Board for member status. If the institution is determined to be an acceptable member institution, it will be required to have a Voting Member.

All types of memberships receive the same event pricing.