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Welcome! Before creating a new profile, make sure you don't already have one. Try logging in using the preferred email you receive CHIA communications. Individual profiles are required to make purchases, access member benefits, virtual program content and more. Established AHIMA members in California have an existing CHIA profile which is updated regularly based on your current AHIMA membership status.

If you are a new AHIMA member in California (joined AHIMA within the last 45 days) please send CHIA a copy of your AHIMA membership card to and request a CHIA profile be created with this new membership status.

Before setting up a new profile confirm if you may already have a profile: 

  • >Try logging in with your work or home email address.
  • >Try “Forgot My Password” if you are unable to login with your preferred email.
  • >If your preferred email has changed, log in with the old email and update your profile with the new valid email, or request assistance.
  • >When you change the preferred email address on your CHIA profile, it automatically becomes your new login.
  • >A new profile should not be created if you are or have been an AHIMA member in California longer than 60 days. Try using your AHIMA preferred email and “Forgot My Password” or contact CHIA for assistance.

Contact or call (559) 251-5038.

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