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Academic Program Approval Committee

Committee Description
To contact a committee member, search for that name in the individual directory online. Committee Goals: 1. To support the establishment and maintenance of standards of excellence for education and clinical training in the field through collaboration with appropriate association bodies (e.g. other national committees and the Education and Training Advisory Board). 2. To utilize these standards as evaluative criteria for recommending approval for academic institutions upon initial application and review, and every ten years thereafter in conjunction with the NASM accreditation/affirmation review.

Committee Leadership
Rebecca L. Engen
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Music Therapy
Alverno College
Milwaukee, WI
United States

Dr. Michael L. Zanders
Assistant professor of music therapy
Temple University
Springfield, PA
United States

Dr. Laura S Brown
(Committee Representative - At Large)
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC
United States

Jennifer D. Geiger
(Committee Representative - Western Region)
Geiger Consulting Music Therapy Services
Livermore, CA
United States

Maureen C. Hearns
(Committee Representative - At Large)
Hyde Park, UT
United States

Mrs. Melissa E. Heffner
(Committee Representative - Southwestern Region)
Denton, TX
United States

Nicole Jacobs
(Committee Representative - Midwestern Region)
Director of Music Therapy
Concordia University Nebraska
Seward, NE
United States

Betsey King
(Committee Representative - At Large)
Rochester, NY
United States

Dr. Chih-Chen Sophia Lee
(Committee Representative - At Large)
Director of Music Therapy, Ass. Prof.
Southwestern Oklahoma St U
Weatherford, OK
United States

Dr. Ju Young Lee
(Committee Representative - At Large)
Assistant Professor
Augsburg University
Minneapolis, MN
United States

Hayoung Lim
(Committee Representative - At Large)
Tulsa, OK
United States

Carol Persing Olszewski
(Committee Representative - Great Lakes Region)
Assistant Professor
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH
United States

Ms. Carmen E. Osburn
(Committee Representative - Southeastern Region)
Professor, Director of Music Therapy
Columbus, MS
United States

Suzanne Nowikas Sorel
(Committee Representative - Mid-Atlantic Region)
New York, NY
United States

Heather Bloam Wagner
(Committee Representative - New England Region)
Berlin, CT
United States

Jane P. Creagan
(Committee Representative)
American Music Therapy Association, Inc.
Silver Spring, MD
United States


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