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Login and Login Troubleshooting Information

If you have trouble logging in, please do not contact the Regional Director!
Scroll to the box below to enter your email address and your financial card number.  You must use the same email address that is on your corporate profile.
If you have successfully logged in you will see "Upcoming Events" in the expanded menu on the left. Select "Upcoming Events" to begin the registration process.  Click on the hyperlinked name of the event to view details and additional instructions.
If you experience a problem logging in, it is possible that your information is incorrect in the corporate office database.
  1. To verify your information, log in to the members only section of the AKA International Website: http://www.aka1908.com.  Once logged in, check your profile information and confirm that (1) your membership status is current and valid and (2) the email address you have on file is valid and matches the email address you are using to log onto the Regional registration site. 
  2. If your membership status is incorrect, complete and submit a Member Assistance Form. Please be aware that updates to the corporate site may take approximately 1 to 2 business days to flow to the South Eastern (SE) database. Once your information is on the SE database, you should be able to log in.
  3. If you are still having problems, please contact your chapter's Technology Chairman or Basileus for assistance.
Group Registrations
  1. Please begin group registrations by going through the Online Store process.
  2. If you are a Basileus, Chapter Officer or Graduate Advisor registering a group of sorors, please verify that all the sorors are active in the corporate office database.  If one of the sorors is inactive, then the system will not register any sorors in the group and will not indicate who is inactive.  You must select all sorors again after you determine who is inactive.
Special Situations:

If you are a Soror who is active in a region other than the South Eastern Region, and you wish to attend a South Eastern conference, please submit a request to be temporarily added to South Eastern’s Member Database using  the Member Assistance Form.  Member Assistance form which can be located by using the following link: https://akawebnet.aka1908.net/akaemailform/contactus.aspx

Once you access the form, please follow directions below:

  1. From Dropdown Box, CONTACT CATEGORYSelect Event Registration Concerns 
  2. From Dropdown Box, EVENT TYPE: Select Regional Events (Roundup, Cluster, Regional Conferences)
  3. From Dropdown Box, EVENT REGIONSelect  Region (that is hosting the event you wish to attend)
  4. Click on the FINISH button to submit your request.
  5. Please allow at least 2 business days for the database change to occur. 

To register for the event, access the region’s website- Events-Registration Website and Register yourself.

You must be financial for current year and in good standing.

You should have your Financial number ready; your email address must be the same used to access

Members Only  https://akawebnet.aka1908.net/eweb/


Other Questions:
All other questions should be submitted to sertechsupport@aka1908.com.
                **** IMPORTANT REMINDERS***
A soror should register under her own email address.  The email address should be in your profile on the corporate website.  If you cannot register and you’re a financial member of a chapter, a designated chapter officer can register you via group registration.
A soror should not "register" another soror under their email address.  This will result in a duplicate registration for you - the soror you are attempting to register will not be registered. Each soror, unless part of a group registration, should register under her own email address. At the conference a soror must use her own financial card number to retrieve her registration materials.

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