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Please read the instructions below and then scroll down to enter your Login and Password.

If you are a member of the Central Region, please provide your e-mail address (login) and financial card number (password) to login.  Your e-mail address must match the e-mail address on file in the Alpha Kappa Alpha Corporate Office database to successfully login.

If you are a member of the Central Region and cannot successfully login, please e-mail onlineregistration@akacentral.org for login instructions.

If you are NOT a member of the Central Region, please e-mail onlineregistration@akacentral.org for login instructions.

Only financially active Sorors are allowed to register online.  If you are not financially active, you will not have access to the link to register.

Click here to get information on reactivating your membership.


NOTE:  1) The "Early" and "Regular" registration dates (and fees)

                  are the same.    

              2) Sorors desiring a "Vegetarian" meal must indicate this by clicking on the Vegetarian Meal box on the registration page.  Special Vegetarian Meal tickets will be included in your registration packet for all meal events that you register and pay for.  Vegetarian meals will only be available for sorors who "pre-registered" for a Vegetarian Meal online.  No on-site requests for Vegetarian meals can be made.


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