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HealthCare Advocacy Standing Committee

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As a standing committee, the Health Care Policy Committee is comprised of members of the Board of Directors only.  Appointments to the Health Care Policy Committee are at the discretion of the President and are considered renewable annual appointments.  The Chair of the Health Care Policy Committee will also be designated by the President, and the committee should not exceed five members.


The Health Care Policy Committee reports directly to the full ACP Board of Directors.




1.Increase influence on policy makers and regulators.

2.Increase influence on payers.

3.Increase collaboration with other societies for a unified voice.

4.Improve perception of the society as a recognized and respected organization.




Committee Leadership
Robert White, MA,MHS
(Staff Liaison)
Director, Health Care Policy & Advocacy
American Vein & Lymphatic Society
Chicago, IL
United States

Dr. Vineet Mishra, MD, FAAD, FAVLS
Scripps Clinic
San Diego, CA
United States

Dr. C. Christopher Pittman, MD, FAVLS, FACR
Medical Director & CEO
Vein911® Vein Treatment Centers
Tampa, FL
United States