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Cultural Competence and Diversity Resources


Compiled by Francis Lu, MD, Co-Chair, Association for Academic Psychiatry Cultural Competence and Diversity Caucus



8th Biennial National Conference on Quality Health Care for Culturally Diverse Populations: March 11-14, Oakland, CA

Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture Annual Meeting: May 3-5, Toronto

AAMC Group on Diversity and Inclusion Spring Meeting: May 15-18, Toronto

McGill University Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry Advanced Study Institute: June 3-5, Montreal


Diversity, Inclusion, Excellence, and the Law in Higher Education

Association of American Colleges and University

Diversity and Inclusive Excellence


American Association for the Advancement of Science with participation by the Association of American Universities

Handbook of Diversity and the Law: Navigating a Complex Landscape to Foster Greater Faculty and Student Diversity in Higher Education   

Undergraduate Medical Education and Medical Schools

LCME accreditation standards:

IS-16 on institutional policies and practices to achieve diversity among students, faculty, and staff

ED-19 on teaching communication skills with patients, families, colleagues and other health professionals

ED-21 on teaching cultural competence skills in the curriculum and students to be evaluated

ED-22 on addressing gender and cultural biases in medical students, others, and in the health system and teaching on demographic influences on health care quality and disparities in health care delivery

MS -8 on broadening the diversity of medical school applicants

MS-9 on admission, retention, and graduation of students with disabilities

MS-31 on no discrimination on the basis of age, creed, gender identity, national origin, race, sex, or sexual orientation


AAMC Resources


AAMC Diversity and Inclusion Home

AAMC Group on Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Every medical school should have an institutional GDI member.

AAMC Tool for Assessing Cultural Competence Training (TACCT)

AAMC Holistic Review Project: Aligning Admissions to Mission



Psychiatry Residency/Fellowship Training: Model Curricula


AADPRT Model Curricula on Cultural Psychiatry  

AACAP Curriculum

AGLP Curriculum 

APA Ethnic Minority Elderly Curriculum 

Websites on Cultural Competence in Mental Health and Health

Mental Health: Culture, Race, and Ethnicity -- A Supplement to Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General

HRSA Cultural Competence Section

SAMHSA National Center for Cultural Competence 

SAMHSA National Network to Eliminate Disparities in Behavioral Health 

DHHS Office of Minority Health


American Psychiatric Association’s Office of Minority and National Affairs

State of New York Nathan Kline Institute Center of Excellence in Culturally Competent Mental Health  

State of New York Columbia University Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence 

McGill University Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry 

Disparities Solution Center at Massachusetts General Hospital

Joint Commission: Advancing Effective Communication, Cultural Competence, and Patient-and Family-Centered Care


Professional Organizations on Cultural Psychiatry

World Psychiatric Association--Transcultural Psychiatry Section (WPA-TPS) 

Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture (SSPC) 

World Association for Cultural Psychiatry (WACP)  



Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry


Transcultural Psychiatry (official journal of the WPA-TPS)

World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review (official journal of the WACP)

Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology


Special Journal Issues and Manuscripts on Cultural Psychiatry

Academic Psychiatry September 2008 special issue on cultural psychiatry contains articles on teaching at University of Toronto, Oregon Health and Sciences University, and McGill University.


Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinics of  North America. October 2010 special issue on culturally informed child and adolescent psychiatric practice; this issue contains manuscripts written by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s Diversity and Culture Committee members and associates.

Alarcón RD, Becker AE, Lewis-Fernández R, Like RC, Desai P, Foulks E, Gonzales J, Hansen H, Kopelowicz A, Lu FG, Oquendo MA, Primm A; Cultural Psychiatry Committee of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry.  Issues for DSM V:  The role of culture in psychiatric diagnosis. J Nerv Ment Dis. 2009 Aug;197(8):559-660.

Harris TB, Mian A, Lomax JW, Scott-Gurnell K, Sargent AJ, Phillips JL, Mao AR, Thompson B, Searle N, Folensbee-Eddins F, Andrews LB, Primm AB, Coverdale J, The Texas Regional Psychiatry Minority Mentor Network:  A Regional Effort To Increase Psychiatry’s Diversity Workforce. Acad Psychiatry 2012 Jan 1;36(1)60-3.


APA:   “Real Doctors in Action” DVD on 4 minority psychiatrists 

Mental Health Association of California: 2 DVD on stigma of mental illness in Asian Americans and Latinos - Saving Face: Recognizing and Managing the Stigma of Mental Illness in Asian Americans - video and ¡No soy Loco! / I'm Not Crazy! Understanding the Stigma of Mental Illness in Latinos - video

“Culture of Emotions” on DSM-IV Outline for Cultural Formulation 


Integrated Care with Cultural/Linguistic Competence

ACA is pushing for integrated care at FQHCs; integrated care as a way to reduce mental health disparities among ethnic minorities and other underserved groups

American Psychiatric Association

California Initiatives in Integrated Care:



HHS Office on Minority Health (OMH)

Asian Americans (OMH)

African Americans (OMH)

Hogg Foundation on Culturally Competent Integrated Care



Interpersonal and Communication Issues in Health and Mental Health Care


National Health Law Program: Language Access

Institute of Medicine: Health Literacy

Toward Health Equity and Patient-Centeredness: Integrating Health Literacy, Disparities Reduction, and Quality Improvement: Workshop Summary (2009)

Health Literacy: A Prescription to End Confusion (2004) 

U.S. Dept. of Justice. A Guide to Disability Rights Law

American Federation for the Blind

Disability Rights Resources for People with Vision Loss

ADA Checklist: Health Care Facilities and Service Providers; Ensuring Access to Services and Facilities by Patients Who Are Blind, Deaf-Blind, or Visually Impaired

National Association of the Deaf

Health Care and Mental Health Services

Civil Rights