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AAP Bulletin Summer 2017

Academic Psychiatry: Your Journal, Our Journal: An Update from the Academic Psychiatry Editors

Laura Roberts, MD, MEd and Ann Tennier, 8/9/2017

Academic Psychiatry supports work that furthers knowledge and stimulates evidence-based advances in academic medicine in six key domains: 1) education, 2) leadership, 3) finance and administration, 4) career and professional development, 5) ethics and professionalism, and 6) health and well-being. AAP and the journal’s other sponsoring organizations are key to the journal’s success as members submit their scholarly work to the journal and contribute their time as peer reviewers.

The number of new submissions continues to increase each year, with last year’s total reaching nearly 350 papers and this year’s submissions on pace to exceed that count. The pages in the printed issue of the journal are increasing also: Volume 40 in 2016 had 975 pages, more than double the content that was printed in Volume 37 in 2013. The journal’s impact factor has also reached a new high, with the latest value of 1.246.

This year the journal has started a Twitter account, @AcadPsychiatry, to highlight new content and calls for papers. We now have shareable links to our articles that can be posted anywhere, including social networks like Twitter, institutional repositories, and authors’ own websites. People who follow the links can view articles even if they are not subscribers—people who are subscribers (such as members of AAP) or who work at institutions whose libraries subscribe can download and print article PDFs. Consider sharing links rather than attaching PDFs of articles in your communications with colleagues and trainees about Academic Psychiatry papers.

We look forward to connecting with you soon in Denver! Journal Editor-in-Chief Laura Roberts will share the latest news and information about the journal at the annual business meeting. Journal Deputy Editors Richard Balon and John Coverdale will also be there, along with Senior Managing Editor Ann Tennier. Opportunities to expand your writing skills will be available with a writing workshop led by Laura Roberts and a writing boot camp led by Michael Jibson. We look forward to connecting with you in person about your new manuscript ideas and any feedback you have for the journal, and we encourage you to contact us at any time via email ( with any questions about writing and reviewing papers for the journal.

Laura Roberts, Editor in Chief
Richard Balon, Gene Beresin, John Coverdale, Alan Louie, Deputy Editors

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