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  • “Oh I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

  • “I like it; I feel that MIP is listening.”

  • “This makes us feel like you actually care about the usability of the product.”

  • “I think it’s great to share what’s working and what’s not and that our opinion matters. I appreciate that.”





If you have questions on any of these studies, feel free to email us at usability@abila.com.


AUDC | March 2016

At the annual Abila User & Developer Conference, our usability lab lets us meet with you face to face, in one-on-one feedback sessions. Each product has its own usability topic, so be sure to sign up for one that interests you.

netFORUM Pro | April 2016

Navigate through netFORUM Pro, and help us understand how you find things and where you expect features to be. This study serves to improve the overall navigation in netFORUM Pro, making features and functionality easier to find.